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Some Resources for the Present Moment

What is happening in America in the year 2020? Why are statues being toppled? Why has Aunt Jemima been removed from syrup bottles? Why are people losing their jobs left and right for saying things that would have been regarded as common sense only a few months ago? Where does this "cancel culture" come from?

It may seem overwhelming even to try to understand what is happening, but it is nevertheless very important for us to work to understand the times in which we live. To that end, I want to recommend a few resources that might be helpful to you.

To understand the current movement broadly speaking, I recommend that you follow the work of James Lindsay (@ConceptualJames on Twitter), who writes at New Discourses. If you can get past the language, this interview of James Lindsay by Joe Rogan is very informative [Warning: some of the language is very crude and vulgar]. Lindsay is an atheist, but he understands far better than most the dangers of the current "woke" movement and the cancel culture it has produced.

The Youtube channel "What Would You Say?" has produced excellent short videos that can give you an overview of the basic concepts of critical theory (the "woke" movement) in a short amount of time.

Neil Shenvi has interacted extensively with these concepts at his webpage, and he and Pat Sawyer have co-authored a free Ebook on the subject.

To keep up with the influence of this movement in the Southern Baptist Convention, I have found the documentary from Founders Ministries to be very helpful. You should also follow the website Conservative Resurgence Voices, especially its excellent podcast.

Finally, stay informed on latest news interpreted from a Christian worldview by listening to Albert Mohler's daily podcast, "The Briefing." Mohler always takes a break from the podcast in July, but you can look for new episodes in a couple of weeks.

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